And the hunt begins.

I am currently applying for jobs as a writer. It’s about time that I seriously started to look for some work. I’m also contemplating applying for a business license, so that if I pick up any freelance work, I can be a legit business and reap some of those benefits like writing off expenses. I’ve applied for a few jobs and some of them have had their closing dates come and go, so now the waiting game. It sucks that most places are only in contact with those they want to interview, but I do understand the volume of resumes and such that they have to go through, so it makes sense. It’s a game of wait and see. I just need to be proactive about this and see what’s out there and what would be in my best interest to do. 

With all the things going on right now, start a new job may seem like a huge undertaking, but in order for everything to work out in the long run, it’s really for the best. I also want to take some courses as many jobs call for the use of programs that I don’t know how to use. Some of them are updated versions of things like Excel, or programs that I have never used before and seem to crop up in many job descriptions, like Visio and Publisher. I’ll be looking into those as well. Might as well learn all that I can, so that I can be at the top of my game. 

And yes. Then there is the practice of writing itself. I am still working on this and always will be. It’s one of those things that if you think you know everything about it and can’t possibly learn anything more, it’s time to quit. I know for a fact that I am nowhere near knowing everything about the art of writing and I have a feeling that I never will. This I consider a blessing because it keeps that passion to do it alive by being able to constantly improve and learn. I believe that this holds true for anything and everything in life. If you have learned all you can and are no longer able to see the beauty in acquiring more knowledge and keeping the passion alive, it’s time to bow out gracefully. 

So the search is on and the drive to write has been restarted. Wish me luck!


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