So blood is thicker than water? Not in my family. What a fuckin’ crock. You know I shouldn’t be surprised. I’m not. I’m more disappointed in many of my family members. Like really? The holier-than-thou attitude plus the I’ve-never-done-anything-wrong-in-my-life attitude equates them to being a bunch of stuck up, pretentious, fakes who don’t know common courtesy and forgiveness from their own assholes. What spews out of their mouths and from their actions are equivalent to what comes out of their asses. Complete shit. If you’re a family member reading this and think it applies to you, well, maybe it does. If you’re not offended, then most likely you are exempt from this. But if offense is taken, well, I can’t say that I actually care. Given what’s gone on in the last few years, there’s a lot I don’t give a shit about. Life’s too short to care what a petty, vindictive, manipulative fucktard thinks. 

And while I’m on a rampage, let me address those of you who use scapegoats as a means to satisfy your shitty decisions, because if you’re categorized above, then you fit this category too. There is something to be said about forgiveness. As there is for change. People change. If you think that everyone owes you an apology, you’ve got another thing coming. Things that happen in your life  are mostly attributed to YOUR actions. Now yes, I believe that some things are out of our control, but we can control our reactions to them, which in turn, helps us to gain control. If it happened in the past, leave it there. No, seriously. For the love of fuck, leave it there. Can you change the past or what happened? No. So why dwell on it? GET THE FUCK OVER IT! Can’t? Then get some therapy because you truly need it. 

Blaming others for how you’ve turned out or how your life has turned out? Please don’t even bother. That is all on you. You can change how your life is. You can choose the direction it’s going in. Had a shitty childhood? Well, that sucks but what have you done as an adult to make sure that your life is better? Blamed your parents? Blamed your grandparents on your parents upbringing? Really? Sure, they have something to do with it, but were you really the model child? Did you obey them and not get into any sort of trouble? Yeah. Didn’t think so. Forgive the past indiscretions and make peace. There are two sides to everything, so be the bigger person and forgive. Forgiveness doesn’t mean you accept or like what happened. It means that you want to move on with your life and heal the relationship. It can happen. If you don’t think so, then at least shut up about it because no one want to hear about it. 

So, to whom this applies –  grow the fuck up. I’m so sick and tired of all this bullshit. I love my family, but there are some members of it I don’t like and am better of without. 

To my non-blood family, you guys are all exempt from this as I have never had this type of complete asstardness happen with any of you. And for that, I am grateful.

To the family I was born into, most of you will read this an either a) laugh and know who I am talking about and like this post, b) get pissed off because you know who it’s about and try to argue with me, c) or think it’s about you and get really fired up and call me only to hang up on me to make yourself feel better. Whatever you choose, I look forward to the chat we have. Or duel. Whatever. 

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