People. People. People. Where do I even begin? I know I am far from perfect and I definitely don’t have all the answers to everything, but I do know when those around me are being hurt, used, and trampled all over. Sometimes you can’t see it for yourself. I know. I’ve been there.
What I don’t understand is that when you know this for yourself, or refuse to see it, when deep down you know that’s what happening to you. You’re being used by your partner who profess to “love”you. Love? Is that what’s going on? Really? They keep tabs on you, insisting that it’s because they care so much. Or what about the were dating someone else and are still with them, but love you more. Are you serious???? If they loved you more, they’d be with you and only you. There would be no choice that needed to be made, no ultimatum to be issued. Why the hell would you be with someone like that? You should know that you are worth more than that. If you don’t, you should NOT be in a relationship. If you can’t love you, why should someone else? Because they make you feel needed? Wanted? Fuck that noise. You shouldn’t need someone so badly that it hurts. You shouldn’t need to be loved by someone. You shouldn’t needing the love of another. When you love someone, love shouldn’t hurt. You should want them to love you, but not need them to. When you love someone, they should respect you. If they love you so much that they want to be with you, then NO ONE else should be in the picture. You shouldn’t be the other man or other woman. You deserve more than that and so do their partners.

If someone has hurt you, abused you, lied to you repeatedly, stolen from you, made you feel like less than a person, they DO NOT love you. They love themselves and the idea of being with you. Find someone better. You should know you are worth it and know that you can.

Why has this been picking my ass? Because quite frankly, I’ve seen, heard, and witnessed too much of this crap lately. I know too many people who deserve better than that whether they know it or not. Think you may be one of them? Well, if you are pondering that, than perhaps you are. Want to challenge me on it? Go ahead. Perhaps you need a swift slap in the face to wake up and see the truth. Trust me, I have no problem being the person to do it. What are you waiting for?

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