There’s a diamond in the sky today.
She’s shines bright. A little jewel.
Always and ever present, but thoughts of
her multiply.
Today is the day that she soared towards heaven.
A little angel collecting her wings.
The understanding of why she had to go will always be

This jewel shines brightly.
Her light may not be on Earth anymore,
but her love will always be.
She shines so that all may know her love
and those who love her will always feel
the brightness that she brought.
The brightness that she still brings
when she’s thought about.

An guardian angel to her family.
Those lucky people to have her watching over them.
Though she can’t be here physically, she is always surrounding them.
Touching them with her love and her angel wings.
That chubby, giggling joyous girl.
She’s not fully gone. She will always be alive in those who
had the priviledge to meet her.

The jewel in the sky shines brightly today.
Never gone. Never forgotten.
Always loved. Always cherished.
Always remembered.

The jewel in the sky…
We love you baby girl! ❤

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