Enveloped by the warmth.


Surrounded by the silence.


The light gets dark and turns to black.


The darkness takes over but isn’t threatening.


The feeling of weightlessness takes over.


The everyday floats away.


The water washes away everything.



Adrift in the water.


Never felt so good.

Strength in Our Weakness

“She wears a fake smile so well. But she really wants to cry. She thinks that crying shows she’s weak. No one told her that it means you’ve been strong for too long.”

Looking in the mirror

Seeing what I see,

I’m not sure who I recognize

Who is staring back at me.

Eyes like emeralds,

Shining with tears.

Insecurities swirling

Around in my head.

Can’t drown the thoughts,

They’ve taken over my soul.

Thought I had fought them.

I thought I had won.

But it looks like

The battle has only

Just begun.

How come on days like this

I see what I see?

Why can’t see myself

How others see me?

The girl in the mirror is fragile

Like glass.

She feels like she’s breaking,

Like she is going to crash.

The tears won’t stop falling

down from her eyes.

She doesn’t know why they

Started, or why they won’t go.

It’s her inner demons she’s fighting.

That girl in the mirror.

For there’s one thing she wishes for.

And that’s to see herself clearer.

But for now, the tears fall.

Along with her soul.

Hoping to pick up the pieces,

but when, she doesn’t know.

Perhaps there is someone,

who sees her a bit clearer.

Someone who can make her smile.

And help her to realize that it’s

Okay to be weak.

For in our weakness we find strength.

If not always in ourselves.

Crying is way that we call out for help.

So if someone is there to help this

Girl through her pain,

Let her know so that she can

get over her shame.


Letting Go

Letting go

They say letting go is good

Good for the soul

Good for the mind

Good for the heart

But how does one let go?

How does one tell the mind, the heart, the soul

That now is the time to let go?

Closure is needed

But has never really found

One sided, imaginary conversations

Are what has been going ’round

The mind wants it to stop

The heart pleads for relief

The soul is caught in the cycle of grief

Letting go

How do we begin to let go

When for the last few years this is all that

Have really ever known?

Letting go