Gregory is missing! He is a foster dog with Barrhead Animal Rescue Society, a rescue organization that I volunteer with. Gregory was originally brought to BARS from the Northwest Territories from a horrible hoarding situation. He was then brought to Waggytails Dog Daycare in Edmonton to start his rehabilitation under the care of Leah Walsh and her staff and trainers. Gregory made huge progress while at Waggytails and was able to move on to a foster home to further his rehab.

On February 27, 2017 while out for a walk with is family out in Morinville, Gregory managed to slip out of his harness. This was in the vicinity of the Morinville fire station. Gregory is an EXTREMELY timid dog. He will run if called or chased. On behalf of BARS, I am asking you to please keep your eyes open for any sightings of Gregory. If you see him, please contact BARS at 780.307.6590. We need to get Gregory home.

His story is close to my heart. As a trainer and staff member at Waggytails, I got to know Gregory and see his transformation from a shut-down, terrified dog to a shy, curious, and sweet boy. While Gregory has come along way in his rehabilitation, he has a long way to go in learning to trust humans. He needs to come home to those that love him.


Five Months…

My Kolby. My sweet, sweet Kolby girl. It’s been five months since you left this world. Five months since a part of my heart left with you when you journeyed to the Rainbow Bridge. It feels like just yesterday that I brought you home. You entered into my life like a whirlwind. You brought your goofy smile and demanding bark into my house, and left paw prints all over place.

Losing you was one of the most devastating things that has ever happened to me. Making the decision to free you from pain was both easy and difficult. Easy because I saw that you were starting to suffer, and that is the last thing that I ever wanted for you. Difficult because I knew that choice would mean that I would never see you, hold you, or kiss you again. It hurt my heart and soul to lose you. You brought so much joy into my life even though you were only with me for a way too short period of time. Landon loved you so much. You helped him gain confidence. You two were partners in crime. Always side by side. The way you two played made me smile. You would definitely put Landon in his place, and he never seemed to mind.

I miss you so very much. I can’t put into words how much you mean to me. I say mean, because you will always be with me. I just wish I could hold you one more time. Even if only for a moment.I love you so much. You will forever be my pretty, pretty princess.


CHANGE Canada’s Laws Regarding Those Convicted of Animal Cruelty Under the Criminal Code!!!


Obviously I am an animal lover. Those who know me or follow me on Facebook and Twitter can attest to this. I’m always talking about my dog, someone’s cat, a pig, a tiger, or what-have-you. This year I don’t want to be helpless. I don’t want to witness acts of cruelty, neglect or violence towards animals go unpunished. And by punished, I don’t mean a small fine, a short jail sentence, or worse, no action by the law at all. Cruelty towards animals has got to stop. Numerous studies have shown that those who abuse animals, especially young people who abuse animals are more likely to go on to commit crimes against humans. Torture and abuse against humans always emits a cry from us and a rampage that demands justice. Why should animals be any different? Do they not feel the cold? Do they not feel hunger? Do they not feel pain? To answer these all I need to do is shake my head yes. YES! They most certainly do!! Why are the laws so slack? Why are they not enforced? Why is it so hard to make sure that atrocities don’t happen to non-human, sentient beings? I don’t understand this.

This year, I won’t be helpless. This year I am taking action. I have printed off a petition that WILL be sent to parliament. A petition that WILL have thousands of signatures from across the country. This petition is calling on the powers that be to actually listen to the people of Canada and change the current laws that protect non-human beings. In protecting them, we protect ourselves. Enough is enough with these politically correct statements about people needing help. Perhaps if there were real laws with real punishments that hold people accountable then maybe things will start to change. I will not be powerless anymore. I have a voice and I choose to use it to speak up for those that cannot speak for themselves. I am asking you all to join me. Stand up. Make your voice heard!

I have a petition that you can sign, or if you are willing to help my cause, then click this link and print one out for yourself! Please also join the Animal Cruelty Legislation page on Facebook to keep up with all the developments and information regarding this petition and others.

I thank you and more importantly, so do Canada’s animals.


Finding Landon


This guy. This guy is my life. My soul. I believe that you can have many soulmates. Even though he’s “just a dog” to some, to me he’s family.

His name is Landon for those who don’t know. And Landon has changed my life. I know I have mentioned this before, but it’s no less true now than it was when said before.

I tell him that today is the day that I love him the least because tomorrow I’ll love him more. And it’s true I love him more and more everyday.

For finding Landon had brought me patience. Finding Landon has brought me peace. Finding Landon has brought me love. And most importantly, finding Landon has helped me find myself.

More Like You

I wish I could turn a blind eye.

I wish I didn’t see the pain.

I wish my heart was cold as ice, never to feel again.

The torture in this world kills me.

Burns me down to my core.

The pain and suffering they feel, something many go through

Every day, feeling the horror.


Their bodies broken, beat down and in anguish, 

Their screams unheard, their whimpering ignored,

While their humans languish with the hate in their souls.


What I wouldn’t give to scoop up all those creatures,

Heal their wounds and then their hearts. 

What I wouldn’t give to show them all

What it’s like to be loved.

How a tender touch feels.

A warm, soft bed.

A joyous laugh.


Why must humans destroy 

What nature has made so pure?

Why must humans punish

Animals for being what they are?

Why must animals suffer at the hands of 

Man at all?


If you believe in God,

Then why must you advocate

For the death of His creatures?

Even the ones you claim

That man has made?


I wish I could turn a blind eye.

I wish I couldn’t see the pain.

I wish I could be more like you. 


But I can’t.

Because if I was more like you,

Their suffering would never end.


Shame on you Russia!


This is so ridiculous! I don’t understand what killing stray dogs has to do with the Olympics? Because people will find them dirty, or irritating, or whatever? Have the Russian officials thought that there are stray dogs in every country? People from around the world are used to stray dogs. Sadly, the death of millions happens every day around the world. The problem isn’t the dogs, it’s the people who owned them that decided that they didn’t want them anymore and let them loose. Or those that didn’t spay/neuter their pets and bred puppies who in turn ended up unwanted. Then are the natural wild dog packs that exist in nature. Yes, they do end up in cities. They migrate, it’s what they do when they are looking for food.

Humans are the reason for stray dogs. So what do we do? Murder, maim and torture them to control the population that we let get so out of control. Shame on us! Shame on Russia for deciding this is the way to go. Shame on everyone who turns a blind eye to this. We’re the problem. How much money goes into the production of the Olympics? How much of those funds could be used to help solve the real issues at hand? It’s so sad that this is what we resort to when there are other, more humane ways. Makes be ashamed to be human.

Justification Explanation Part One

On Sunday March 31/13, I posted the link to a petition on my Facebook page regarding rattle snakes and have the practice of sewing their mouths shut out laws in Oklahoma. Now, I do realize that many people dislike these types of photos and I can’t say that I blame them. I have been trying to make a conscious effort not to post overly graphic images as I do know they are upsetting. They upset me too. And perhaps  it was a lack of judgement on my part when I titled it “Now I’ve seen everything,” but in my defense I was upset by this image just as I’d imagine others to be. So why post it? Because as sick as I am about posts like this, I get sickened even more by posts I see about people loving their real leather/fur coats and their snake-skin purses. Why? Because the suffering  of a living creature for an unnecessary item is the best why to piss me off. And I sometimes post things like this because some people need to wake up and realize that this goes on. 
I realize that not everyone wants to see these upsetting images and that is why I try to be selective in what I post. I’m sorry to anyone this may have upset but I can’t apologize for trying to spread some awareness. If we as humans don’t try to take a stand, how can we expect anything to change? 
I have since removed the post, but the petition is still available on www.care2.com if you’d like to sign it. 
Normally, I don’t feel the need to justify myself for anything but I felt the need to explain why I posted this particular link. Perhaps it was because I had a lapse of judgment or because I was so upset by what I saw and read that I felt a need to express it and share. Maybe a bit of both. But to call me names and say I’m stupid is a bit harsh. Especially if you have absolutely no idea where I am coming from in this. If you have never made a mistake or had a lack of judgement, maybe I deserve that but I highly doubt it. 
And, I do realize that the chances of a petition like this changing things are slim to none but the only thing I can do is try. Try to make a difference and try to change things for the better. Is that something I should stop doing just to satisfy the feelings of others? I guess that remains up for debate. 
So again, sorry if some of you were offended and for my lack of sense on the title I used but again , I am not sorry for trying to spread awareness.