Lately, I’ve been on a roll! The words just seem to flow. The inspiration hits and I’m putting pen to paper or fingers to keyboard.

The words are pouring out. And I can’t pin point the exact reason for the inspiration. It’s a movie I’m watching, a song I’m hearing, a phrase in the conversations around me. It’s been so long since I’ve had the urge to get it all out and share my words. In the past, I’ve gone years without being able to create. It’s like a part of me had gone to sleep; never to wake up again.

But one day, something broke in the dam and words gushed out. Needing to be free. Some of it I’ve shared and some is private. The private writing was even stalled for too long. I felt stuck. Frozen. I had so much I wanted to say but couldn’t. The thoughts wouldn’t flow and the words wouldn’t come.

I’m so relieved that that has changed. I’m clinging to change like a lifeline. Because writing is a part of me. Like breathing, I need it to survive. I’ve been keeping diaries and journals since I first learned how to create letters and sentences on the page.

My air is refreshed and back! And I like my body’s muscles, my writing muscles need to be worked. The craving is back and needs to be fed!

And to all those that have read, shared, and commented on my work lately…thank you. Thank you for helping to fuel my fire. I need you fanning the flames to keep me going!


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