Born from the human race

A soul filled with darkness

Dampened each day by the

Pain inflicted

Merciless and steadfast

Evil is brought upon the worlds’s


Spirits once strong lay broken

In pieces

Souls once forgiving, no longer trust

Eyes so bright have lost their sparkle and light

Confusion and terror rain down upon this place

How can we all turn away, claiming we can’t stand to bear witness

But if we can’t stand to see, who will stop these demons from winning

If we are blind to it all, aren’t we just as bad as those committing the acts?

With each passing day, my venomous soul cries out for help. It sobs and drowns in the river of sorrow

A river that is man-made

Handcrafted by actions, filled with tears

Tears of the broken, tears of the beaten, tears of pain, tear of anguish

All these tears flood over me and out of me

I’m defenseless to stop them

I don’t want to

My venomous soul needs them

Survival depends on the tears that fall


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