Anyone who knows me and even those who don’t, know that I have a major love for animals. All animals, but dogs have a special place in my heart. I started to get involved in animal rescue while I was doing my internship for my dog training course. I started fostering for Barrhead Animal Rescue Society (BARS) in October 2015. There was a dog named Kolby who had surgery on her ACL and was being rehabbed and fostered at Waggytails. Kolby and Landon got along really well and she was looking for a foster home. I decided that I wanted to foster her and it was one of the best decisions that I have made. When I brought Kolby home, she ran through the front door and jumped up on to a lounge chair like she’d been living with me her whole life. That day she also explored the backyard and lifted her face towards the sun, and the look on her face told me she was home.

Kolby was a foster fail. I know many people don’t like that term, but I figure if I am going to fail, adding a precious life to my family was a fine way to do it! Kolby was my first foster and my second dog. Sadly, she passed away in February 2016. Even though I only had her in my family for a few months, those months were such an amazing part of my life. (I’ll tell her story in-depth in a later post.)

Dog on dog bed.
Kolby being fostered and getting her knee rehab at Waggytails.

My second foster dog was a seriously cute husky puppy that I fostered for about three weeks before he found his forever home. His name was Jordan and he was a little ball of energy! Jordan LOVED Landon and would follow him all over the place. He would also copy EVERYTHING that Landon did. They were so cute together. I would have loved to adopt him, but I wasn’t ready to adopt another dog at that point. Jordan’s family is amazing and they love him so much! I also get updates on how he’s doing and he’s grown into a beautiful dog.


My most recent foster went to his forever home almost two weeks ago. His name is Romeo and he is a nine year old Chihuahua. Romeo came to me a week before Christmas 2019. He was living in a garage as his family had gotten him for their children but didn’t want a house pet. Once all the children moved out, they didn’t want him anymore, so they surrendered him to BARS. BARS was short on foster homes and wasn’t going to be able to bring him into care unless they had a foster lined up, so I offered to take him. I couldn’t stand the thought of him being left in a garage with only a space heater for light and warmth. It took Romeo about a week to open up and show his personality, but when he did he became the silliest, sweetest, and most playful little guy ever! I fell in love with him. I never thought that I’d consider adopting a small dog, but there was something about little Romeo and I seriously considered it.

However, after more careful thought, I knew there was a better home suited for him. And I was right! Romeo’s new family has a great mama and another Chihuahua for him to play with. Romeo has settled in to his new home and is so very loved and happy. I’m also grateful because Romeo’s mama sends me updates and he and his sister also get to visit me at the dog daycare that I work at.

Romeo making himself comfy at daycare!

Even though I haven’t fostered many animals, the ones that I did have left permanent paw prints on my heart. The lives of these animals are so precious and I am grateful for the time that I had with them all. The time spent watching them grow and learn and become who they are is such a gift. Fostering these beautiful souls has truly helped me to open my heart. And my hope is that other people take the chance and get to experience the same.


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