What can I say about miss Lyla? She is a crazy, funny, cuddly, loveable bulldog mix who constantly drives me up a wall and yet, charms her way out of even her most frustrating antics. Lyla came into my life in December 2017 when she visited Waggytails with her foster sister Bailey. She played so well with Landon and I had to wonder if I was actually ready to add another dog to my life. I had been thinking about it as it had been a few years since Kolby passed and I knew that I eventually did want another dog. 

After having her visit me at home and having my family meet her, I knew that she was meant to be a part of our family. We made it official on January 17, 2018! Miss Lyla is exactly what both Landon and I needed. While she will never replace Kolby (no one ever can or will), she has warmed my heart so much. Landon is so much more confident and playful. Lyla is his complete opposite. She is friendly, busy, and she LOVES everyone and everything. Landon has become more curious about people and tries to approach them a bit more because he sees Lyla enjoying the attention (and treats!) that come with liking and approaching people.


While she can be a bit overly energetic at times and she is stubborn as her mama (me!), Lyla has added so much love and laughter to my life and I am so very happy that she is my girl. It’s funny because there are times that she actually reminds me of Kolby. Almost like Kolby sent to her me because she knew that I needed her. And that Landon needed her. A gift sent to us from the Rainbow Bridge. A gift that I will treasure forever.


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