It’s been a long while since I’ve written anything and the last time I did, it was to share Gregory, a foster dog with Barrhead Animal Rescue Society (BARS), that had gone missing. Well, I am super stoked to announce that after SIX long months, Gregory was finally captured on July 13, 2017! He is now currently being cared for at Waggytails Dog Daycare. So I get to see him everyday while I am at work. He’s doing really well. Loves the other dogs. His main obstacle is trusting humans, but he is slowly starting to trust his daycare “aunties.” It’s been such a huge relief to have this boy back!

Rescue can be bittersweet, sad, frustrating, enraging, and downright soul-crushing. But it’s stories like Greg’s that give me hope. I had almost given up hope of BARS getting him back. But then, a miracle happened and Greg was found and is back in care. And the best part? He seems to be okay! Someone or a few someones out their must have been feeding him. Greg’s a survivor and gives me hope for all the lost pets out there.


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