I am so tired. Tired of the senseless torture, maiming and violence that is inflicted upon the innocent beings in this world. My soul feels like it’s dying. It probably is. What really angers me is the approach that “these people need help” and “let’s educate them on what’s right and wrong.” No. This overly politically correct world that we live in is a farce. I am all for helping those who truly need mental help and educating the ignorant, but some people are beyond both. Some people need to experience “eye for an eye” justice. And yes, some of those people are twelve year olds.

The pathetic excuse of being a juvenile delinquent is disgusting. If you can torture and abuse an animal or a fellow human being for “fun,” you do not deserve to be in public. Ever. You deserve to have done to you as you have done to them. Do I believe in God? Not anymore. Why? Because I don’t
believe in having a being around at “Judgment Day” to give these assholes their due. They need punishment now. And they need it severely. Like life behind bars. Taxpayers going to whine about it? Fine, send them my way. You can pay for my jail sentence when my brand of justice is handed out. And believe me, my brand of justice will make Charles Manson look like Santa Claus.

This world needs to wake the fuck up. This world need to change. And this world needs me to get off of it because I cannot stand to be on it anymore. (And for those of you who think I’m going to do something to myself, get over it. Not going to happen.) I just want off of a planet that justifies these atrocities. Wake up world. Isis isn’t going to kill you, but your ten year old neighbour with a fetish for microwaving his cats might.

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