Obviously I am an animal lover. Those who know me or follow me on Facebook and Twitter can attest to this. I’m always talking about my dog, someone’s cat, a pig, a tiger, or what-have-you. This year I don’t want to be helpless. I don’t want to witness acts of cruelty, neglect or violence towards animals go unpunished. And by punished, I don’t mean a small fine, a short jail sentence, or worse, no action by the law at all. Cruelty towards animals has got to stop. Numerous studies have shown that those who abuse animals, especially young people who abuse animals are more likely to go on to commit crimes against humans. Torture and abuse against humans always emits a cry from us and a rampage that demands justice. Why should animals be any different? Do they not feel the cold? Do they not feel hunger? Do they not feel pain? To answer these all I need to do is shake my head yes. YES! They most certainly do!! Why are the laws so slack? Why are they not enforced? Why is it so hard to make sure that atrocities don’t happen to non-human, sentient beings? I don’t understand this.

This year, I won’t be helpless. This year I am taking action. I have printed off a petition that WILL be sent to parliament. A petition that WILL have thousands of signatures from across the country. This petition is calling on the powers that be to actually listen to the people of Canada and change the current laws that protect non-human beings. In protecting them, we protect ourselves. Enough is enough with these politically correct statements about people needing help. Perhaps if there were real laws with real punishments that hold people accountable then maybe things will start to change. I will not be powerless anymore. I have a voice and I choose to use it to speak up for those that cannot speak for themselves. I am asking you all to join me. Stand up. Make your voice heard!

I have a petition that you can sign, or if you are willing to help my cause, then click this link and print one out for yourself! Please also join the Animal Cruelty Legislation page on Facebook to keep up with all the developments and information regarding this petition and others.

I thank you and more importantly, so do Canada’s animals.


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