Sweet boy, it’s me again. I can’t get you out of my head. I didn’t sleep at all last night because every time I closed my eyes, i relived the horror of you getting hit. It played over and over again on repeat. Emotions are still running high for me and I imagine that it may be this way for awhile. I am still in shock and horrified by it all. I call the vet clinic again this morning. I just had to find out something, anything. I know there are privacy laws in place for a reason, and I respect that, but this time, laws be damned. A nice lady answered the phone and I know she heard the emotion in my voice as I pleaded with her to tell me something. Anything on how you are doing. She did tell me that you went home last night. I’m taking that as a good sign. I pray that it’s a good sign. If your owners did get my information, I hope they call. Thinking of you brings me to tears all over again. Your sweet eyes looking into mine, and the little licks you gave me out of thanks or comfort, I can’t be sure. I knew you were scared and in pain but I also know I never once felt scared by you. You are a big, powerful boy, but I didn’t feel threatened. I would have understood if you snapped or nipped me because you’d have done it out of pain. But you didn’t. You listened to me when I asked you to stay and you sat by me until it was time to go to the car. Sweet Buddy, I can only hope that one day our paths cross again so that I may see your sweet face and look into those souful eyes and know that you are truly all right.

I love you sweet Buddy.

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