This is for a dog named Buddy.

Driving home from work today, I saw you. You were alone darting across a busy road. I pulled over to see if I could catch you. You had on a collar with one tag. But you didn’t want to be caught. You wanted to play. You’re a big boy, a mastiff mix or maybe a boxer. A beautiful dark brown brindle boy. A friendly boy. And fast! You kept getting away from me. When you darted across the road and got clipped by a car, I was worried but you flounced on. When you darted across the road a second time, my heart sank. You were hit by a school bus! Thankfully, you were able to walk, and came straight to me. I was able to call the number on your tags and get your owner’s information to contact them. I had to leave a message because they didn’t answer. I then helped you to my car, and sped you as fast as I could to an emergency vet clinic close by.

Sweet boy, you have me so concerned about you. Your sweet face was so swollen on the right side, and you whimpered during the car ride. When we got to the vet, they took you in right away as I filled out some paperwork. You must have been scared because you bounded back out to the waiting right into my arms. And as much as I wanted to hold you, I knew you needed medical attention and had to place my trust in the clinic’s staff. So we led you back into the medical area and I had to leave.

I did call the clinic a bit later to check and see if they found your owner. I knew they wouldn’t release any info on your condition to me, but they did tell me they found your people. I’m so glad they did.

My only hope now is that you are comfortable and are getting the treatment you need to heal. I’m sending you lots of love and hugs sweet boy. We may not have known each other for long, but I love you and hope you are going to be okay.

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