Ms.Monroe said it best. “She was a girl who knew how to be happy even when she was sad. And that’s important.”  I believe so to. I’ve often wondered if it was possible to be happy and sad at the same time. To me, I think it’s totally possible. I have days like this all the time. Days where the sadness is brimming on the surface of my soul but there are moments of happiness that peek through haze. Little things like my dog snuggling up to me, or dropping a toy at my feet. A cute picture of something sent to me by a friend. An upcoming event that has had me excited for a while. These things have ways of making me smile even when the last thing I feel is happiness. 

The same goes for being sad. There are days that I am happy and content with everything in my life. But then I’ll read a news article, listen to the radio, or hear something from someone that makes me weep. The feeling may not last for long but it’s there. Sadness presenting itself among the happiness. It’s almost like they coincide. Never really going away from each other.

It’s in the sadness that happiness is appreciated. And when we are happy, we know to enjoy it because we can’t control everything and we know that sadness may come again soon. So we must learn to live with both feelings inside of us. 

I think of my happiness as a melancholic one. For the most part, I am happy, but there is always something that keeps me in the reality of other feelings because I know that having one pure, unadulterated feeling is something that can never be. One feeling cannot exist without the other. 

So I have learned to smile and be happy even when I am sad. And that is usually a daily occurrence.


But life is beautiful, even if it is hard. 

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  1. Life is true a treasure. With all that it encompasses. Finding the balance and acknowledgment of our real feelings is definitely having the power within self to find the inner peace that lives within all of us.

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