This is so ridiculous! I don’t understand what killing stray dogs has to do with the Olympics? Because people will find them dirty, or irritating, or whatever? Have the Russian officials thought that there are stray dogs in every country? People from around the world are used to stray dogs. Sadly, the death of millions happens every day around the world. The problem isn’t the dogs, it’s the people who owned them that decided that they didn’t want them anymore and let them loose. Or those that didn’t spay/neuter their pets and bred puppies who in turn ended up unwanted. Then are the natural wild dog packs that exist in nature. Yes, they do end up in cities. They migrate, it’s what they do when they are looking for food.

Humans are the reason for stray dogs. So what do we do? Murder, maim and torture them to control the population that we let get so out of control. Shame on us! Shame on Russia for deciding this is the way to go. Shame on everyone who turns a blind eye to this. We’re the problem. How much money goes into the production of the Olympics? How much of those funds could be used to help solve the real issues at hand? It’s so sad that this is what we resort to when there are other, more humane ways. Makes be ashamed to be human.

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