What is going on Alberta? No, I don’t care about your day to day first world problems. What I want to know is what the hell is with this recent string of horrific animal cruelty? Don’t get me wrong, I know this goes on every day and that animals are tortured and starved and God knows what else, but I am talking about the dogs and the cats that had tape wrapped around their mouths that we left to suffer and die. The one dog outside of the Gunn area was alive, but sadly hasn’t been spotted in days. His chances at being alive are non-existent. And now I find out about a puppy that has a hair elastic embedded in his neck. Yes, I said puppy. A puppy that can’t be more than three or four months old.

How does one even bring them self to do something like this? I cannot imagine doing that to some poor creature. I don’t want to understand how people can do this because to understand it, would be to empathize or sympathize with the aggressor and that is something that I will never do. I will never condone acts of violence on animals. There is absolutely no reason to intentionally inflict pain, fear, torture, or abuse of any kind onto another living being. Although, I know I’d be okay if it were being done back to an abuser. Hell, I’d personally help out.

When I look at my dog Landon, I am always filled with love. Pure, unconditional love. He is my best friend. He has seen me at my worst and never judged. He makes me laugh and brings out a smile when I simply have none to give anyone else. If anyone were to hurt him, I can simply say that they would wish they were dead. It’s not a threat or a promise. It is just a fact. Same goes for any other animal. If I witness any acts of cruelty or violence, I will get involved. I will glad stand up for those who can’t stand up for themselves.

I guess I am ok with the fact that there is media coverage on this because then people can see what is going on. And don’t give me that complete bullshit of not wanting to see these images or things that are disturbing like this because I don’t want to hear it. You can’t stand to see it? Then perhaps you should do something about it. It upsets you? How do you think these animals feel being neglected and tortured everyday at the hands of some sicko? Can you look at your own pets and tell me that if it were them, you’d not be upset? If so, then head over to Facebook and de-friend me now because I don’t want to know you. These stories make me cry my eyes out daily. But these stories also keep me humane. They keep me passionate because I will never stop fighting against animal abuse. I will not stop until the laws against animal abuse are made harsh and are enforced strictly. This is my purpose. This is my fate.

The day I stop fighting will be the day I take my last breath. This is the promise that I make in memory of those that had their lives ended by some sick, sadistic bastards. And if you are one of those bastards, I will find you and I will end you.

I’d love to know where you stand on this! Please send me your comments and questions!

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