Why I Will Never Shop At Lululemon Again!

I agree! This is an awful message. Yoga is about enjoying your body as it is and what it can do for you. Tanning is dangerous and people need to realize this. Tanning does kill. If you think that skin cancer isn’t serious, you are sorely mistaken. Melanoma can and does happen. It also can be prevented. Do yourself a favour. Don’t tan.

Lisa Loves Words

Screen shot 2011-10-28 at 4.16.55 PMSure, slogans like the above are plastered throughout Lululemon stores. The store is all about promoting healthy images and healthy lifestyle, right?LU9821S_0293_1

So, explain this horrendous GTY line? What is it about tanning that is deemed healthy? A tan is the body’s response to damage, it is literally a scab. But, hey–according to Lululemon it fits right in with healthy lifestyle choices. As a young-adult fighting Melanoma I am utterly horrified that this brand would promote tanning.Tanning-bR Actually, I am just plain disgusted. Hundreds of young-adults lose their lives every year to this malicious cancer. Yes, skin cancer is a big deal. It’s not a simple, ‘oh hey, just cut it out.’ Advanced Melanoma travels beyond the skin and invades the human body. The facts are quite simple: tanning is not cool, tanning kills. So, Gym Tan Yoga–really? urlIt seems Lululemon and the mind behind the brand seem to think…

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