I haven’t written in such a long time, yet when I sit down to actually do some writing the words don’t seem to want to flow. I feel tapped out of my creativity and like I have nothing to say. I want to write, I really do but I am just not able to produce anything. I feel like I have nothing to say even when I have too much that I want to say.

The topic that I seem to be the most passionate about is dogs. Landon has been such a huge inspiration to me and knowing that there are literally millions of dogs out there that have no homes, and/or are being abused, neglected or worse, really makes me want to do something. I know I can’t help them all but I also know that I can do something to make a difference. I just can’t sit idly and let horrible things happen to innocent creatures. Especially when those creatures offer us all of their love and trust.

I’ve been looking at going back to school to take something in the veterinary field or dog training field. I feel like this is something that I am meant to do. I haven’t made any firm decisions yet, but the more I look into courses and what’s offered, the more interest I have and the more I am certain that I am meant to do something to help.

I will figure this out. Maybe I am meant to get more education in these subjects so that I can write about them and share my knowledge with others. Maybe I am meant to combine the my two passions to create a life path that I truly enjoy. I can’t just slug my days out at a normal “9-5.” I don’t think I am meant to.

So here I am. Trying to carve out a new path in my life. One I can be truly be successful in and passionate about.

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