Kiya, known to the world as Puppy Doe, was a sweet pit bull who had the unthinkable done to her. Listed on a website to be rehomed, she ended up being given to a monster who tortured and left her to die in a park. But Kiya did not die right away. She had to be euthanized because the damage done to her body was so severe, it could not be reversed. Now, justice for Kiya is needed. Kiya’s Law wants to find those responsible for her torture and punish them for what they did. Kiya’s Law is also looking to introduce and ensure that harsher animal cruelty laws are enforced in North America. Animal abuse needs to stop. Kiya needs justice and so do all animals that are victims of cruelty.

The world mourns for you Kiya, We will not rest until we find those responsible for breaking you down and harming you. We will not rest until the responsible parties are punished and punished severely. We will not rest until you get your justice. We will not rest until animal cruelty laws are made harsher. We will not rest until harsher laws are enforced and offenders get what they deserve. Sweet Kiya, we will not rest because we cannot rest and take your plight lightly. You didn’t deserve what happened to you and we know that you wouldn’t want this to happen to any other living being. We will fight in your memory and for your brothers and sisters who are going through unimaginable things things right now. We will fight because you couldn’t. We will fight because we can. We will fight because we know that animal cruelty is something that needs to end and it needs to end now. Kiya, you are our inspiration and we love you. Rest in Peace and run free with your friends on the Rainbow Bridge.

To sign a petition to help support Kiya’s Law please click the link:

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