On Sunday March 31/13, I posted the link to a petition on my Facebook page regarding rattle snakes and have the practice of sewing their mouths shut out laws in Oklahoma. Now, I do realize that many people dislike these types of photos and I can’t say that I blame them. I have been trying to make a conscious effort not to post overly graphic images as I do know they are upsetting. They upset me too. And perhaps  it was a lack of judgement on my part when I titled it “Now I’ve seen everything,” but in my defense I was upset by this image just as I’d imagine others to be. So why post it? Because as sick as I am about posts like this, I get sickened even more by posts I see about people loving their real leather/fur coats and their snake-skin purses. Why? Because the suffering  of a living creature for an unnecessary item is the best why to piss me off. And I sometimes post things like this because some people need to wake up and realize that this goes on. 
I realize that not everyone wants to see these upsetting images and that is why I try to be selective in what I post. I’m sorry to anyone this may have upset but I can’t apologize for trying to spread some awareness. If we as humans don’t try to take a stand, how can we expect anything to change? 
I have since removed the post, but the petition is still available on www.care2.com if you’d like to sign it. 
Normally, I don’t feel the need to justify myself for anything but I felt the need to explain why I posted this particular link. Perhaps it was because I had a lapse of judgment or because I was so upset by what I saw and read that I felt a need to express it and share. Maybe a bit of both. But to call me names and say I’m stupid is a bit harsh. Especially if you have absolutely no idea where I am coming from in this. If you have never made a mistake or had a lack of judgement, maybe I deserve that but I highly doubt it. 
And, I do realize that the chances of a petition like this changing things are slim to none but the only thing I can do is try. Try to make a difference and try to change things for the better. Is that something I should stop doing just to satisfy the feelings of others? I guess that remains up for debate. 
So again, sorry if some of you were offended and for my lack of sense on the title I used but again , I am not sorry for trying to spread awareness. 

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