Today on Facebook I came a cross a post about passion and doing what makes you happy. I’ve been questioning this myself lately and I have figured out what makes tick. Now, I just need to remind myself that there is always time to do what you love. If you truly love to do something, then making the time for it is easy. When you have a passion and desire to throw yourself into something, nothing can stop you.

I’ve discovered this about dance. It has taken over a huge chunk of my life and that’s because I love it so much. I make the time to practice and to learn more and more about what I love to do. I spend a little extra money to improve a costume piece or buy an album or DVD to practice to because of the happiness and joy I feel when I immerse myself in my little self-created dance world.

I have recently being to do the same again with writing. I have always loved to write, so much that I pursued a communications degree specializing in professional writing, but there have been long stretches when it’s felt like a chore and that I don’t want to do it anymore. In the last month however, I sort of gave myself a slap in the face and realized that no one is forcing me to write anything that I don’t want to. I need to write about what makes me happy. Or mad. Or sad. I need to write about anything and everything that evokes some sort of emotion in me. This is what truly makes me happy. So much so that I have written for a dance magazine and am doing another piece for them again. This has given me something to look forward and the hope that more and more writing work will come my way. I feel inspired and passionate again about what I am pursuing.

Here’s the link to the article:,31742/

Let me know what you think!

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