I hate wasting my time and effort, so naturally I am not a fan of wasting other people’s time and effort either; hence why I feel as confused as to what to do. I started a job in July and it looked promising, but the more time that I spend in it, the more I wonder if it’s the right fit for both me and for the company. They like things done a certain way, and I can definitely agree with that as it is a successful company, but I just don’t feel like I fit the standards and qualifications that they are looking for. I’m at a loss, as I really do need this job, but if I am not happy here and they are not happy with my work, then that should answer my question.

I am really struggling with what to do on this. I am still under probation, so they can get rid of me whenever they want before October, if I don’t start performing to their standards. And it’s hard because I don’t really feel like I’ve gotten much direction. I’m told to ask questions, but I feel like people have to walk me through everything and that is not cool. I don’t like feeling incompetent when I know that I am not. It’s also, like I said before, a waste of time.

So what do I do? UGH!!!

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