Looks like my reading challenge hasn’t been going so well this year! My goal was/is to read 100 books in 2012 and so far I am on number…ten. Yep. Only 90 more to go. I’m not going to say it’s impossible at this point, but a challenge it will be for sure! Considering I’ve done most of  my reading in the last three months, I’d say I’ve been doing okay. I’m not going to win any awards for this challenge, it’s been more of a personal goal. Whatever my end of the year tally ends up being, that will be how I base next year’s goal. Reading is important to me. Whether it’s to learn about new topics, delve deeper into things I already know something about, or to just completely transport myself into another time and place, reading is something that I always love to do. It’s always been something that I did. I think reading is one of the reasons why I love writing and have decided to make writing a career. Both of them are a passion and a hobby of mine. One complements the other and makes me appreicate how both have influenced my life.

Curious by nature, reading has provided  me with a wealth of knowledge that I may not have otherwise acquired. Turning to books I’ve been inspired by the true and fictional stories of others. Writing progressed from that. Whether I become a successful author or not, writing is always something that I will just do. I may get frustrated with it and take extended breaks from it, but I will always come back to writing. I may never be an author in the sense of publiction and celebrity, but I will always be a writer.

Blood, sweat, tears, coffee, and wine have all gone into things that I have written. Maybe not all at the same time or all in the same project, but when I am creating something that I consider a personal work I pour all of me into it. It pours out of every pore and facet of my being. I stay up late at night to finish thoughts and am always pondering how to make my work better. Even if it’s finished, there is always room for improvement. All writers know this. Your work is never done. You are never satisfied. You always want to begin again. Change something. Everything. Nothing. Usually these thoughts happen in the same span of time.

I’ll never be satisfied and when I am, that will be the time for me to stop creating.

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