I wish I could focus my all on dance. A lot of my efforts go towards it. I dream in with the movement of the dance steps in my feet. I dream in colours and fabrics and silver. I see swirling bodies and hear the bell sounds. Beauty is all around when I dance. Problems fade, feelings melt away, and senses are heightened. Perfection is but a word because dance isn’t always about the perfect movement or being the most graceful. No, dance is a meditation of the mind and soul being expressed through the body.

A great dancer is able to pull you into her soul. She makes you feel her emotions through her movements. A great dancer makes you think. He makes you wonder about the music and life and how he can express the words, melodies, and his thoughts all at the same time. A great dancer is humble. Not because they don’t think that they’re great, but because they see the greatness is everyone who dances as well. Great dancers embrace the beginners, nurture the intermediate levels, and learn with the advanced. They are the ones who still take basic level classes in addition to their advanced knowledge. Why? Because dance is something that you can never fully learn. There is always room for improvement at any level. A great dancer knows this. But greatness is elusive to most. Mainly, because they tend to forget why they dance in the first place. Some start at a young age, others as a form of fitness. Many don’t take classes and just move with the music. Some people pick moves up right away, others struggle day after day. Yet all these people have one thing in common. They keep at it because they love to dance.

I love to dance. Am I a great dancer? Maybe. But I don’t think that’s for me to decide. I believe that I am good at some moves and improving on others. There are days that I ask myself what I am doing, because I feel like I am not good at all. Thankfully, those days are few and far between. I try not to concentrate on those days because I know they are short-lived. Why do I dance? Because I feel like I have to. No because I am forced to, but because if I don’t, things in life just don’t seem right. When it’s been a long time since I have practiced or performed, I feel it deep down inside of me. A stirring of emotions. A burning desire. Once I feed into that, all seems right in my world again. Even if just for a short while.

M goal one day is to be a great dancer. If not for my technique, then for my recognizable soul. Because dance is my soul and without it, I would not be complete.

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