Dance. I can never fully express the absolute and perfect joy that you bring to my soul. It doesn’t matter what I am feeling, when I get to dance I am instantly transported to a place where nothing else matters but the dance. Feelings are expressed, emotions are transformed, and I am complete. My soul is happy. Even if just for a fleeting moment. 

Although writing has and always will be a form of expression and a passion for me, there is something to be said for dance. It moves my body, my mind, and my spirit. I feel free. It’s that warm feeling you get on a day with clear blue skies when you close your eyes and turn your face to the sun. That warmth that radiates to your core and fills you with hope. That is the feeling that dance gives me. That one complete, perfect moment  that is full of hope. 

To all my fellow dance sisters out this one is for you! Thank you for sharing this joy with me! I love you all! 

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