Women’s intuition is back on my mind. I’ve been struck by a retrograde Venus and it seems to crank my intuition into overdrive. Although I am feeling somewhat emotionally charged, all signs are pointing to a positive direction for me. I believe in star signs and astrology and my horoscope has been saying that there are good things to come for me. Usually I am sceptical about this, especially in the love department, but this time is different. My intuition is allowing me to see that what I feel is true and what has been predicted will take place.

I just have to get through these rocky feelings and a rocky situation to come out on top. 

My intuition has never lead me astray and I know it won’t this time either. 

But are intuition and wishing for something the same thing? Or are they the same in my case? I don’t think so. Usually when I wish for something, it’s something like winning the lottery or wanting to meet a celebrity. But in this case, I believe my intuition is leading me in the right direction. As to what, I’d rather stay discreet until I’ve made sure that it happens the way it’s supposed to. Maybe that’s my wishful thinking taking over, but I prefer to believe that by keeping things silent for now, I can generate the power towards making what I want happen.

Did I also mention that I am a believer in the Law of Attraction? Call me a new-age hippy or whatever, but I believe that we all have the power of the universe in our hands. We just have to tap into our innate powers. 

Intuition being one of them.  

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