Women’s intuition. Every woman has it. The question is whether or not we listen to it and follow it. 

Sometimes we don’t want to be right. Shocking, I know. There are times when we desperately want our intuition to be wrong. Like on the night I had randomly started crying. Even though I had just crawled into bed, was snuggling with my puppy, and felt pretty content, I had this overwhelming feeling wash over me and I started to cry. I couldn’t come up with why. It was the next morning, early, my mom called to tell me that my grandfather had passed away. The previous night flooded back to me, and I knew why I cried. 

Intuition speaks in many different ways. Sometimes it’s a flash before an event happens. Other times it’s a gut feeling that you just can’t ignore. Like when you think someone is lying to you but you can’t prove it and there’s no proof that can confirm or deny either way, so the feeling eats away at you until the truth comes out. This seems to happen a lot in relationships, romantic or otherwise. How is it that people think they’re able to lie to you or keep things from you, yet somehow the truth always seems to come out. 

Whether it comes out by accident or on purpose, the truth always comes out. Sometimes it’s blurted out, other times you find out in the weirdest ways. An accidental, passing comment or a discovered message, text, or email. In this age of social media and technology, finding things out is easier than ever. The worst is when you have a gut feeling and are trying to ignore it and stumble upon something confirms what you’ve been feeling. Even when you’re not looking for things, you find them out. 

I find that’s when my intuition is confirmed. For the most part, I try to ignore my intuition. Why? Because it’s usually right. That scares me. I try to ignore it because it causes me so much stress and anxiety that it makes me crazy. Literally crazy. Those intuitive thoughts are all that I can think about. They stay in my mind until I can prove their validity. Why is intuition like this? Especially women’s intuition. Why are we “gifted” with this when it causes us nothing but anxiety and the confirmation of heartache?

How do you trust people when your gut is telling you not to? When past events tell you not to? Do you go against that feeling and hope for the best? If you’re right, great things work out. End of story. Or do you go against your gut and have it blow up in your face? What will the consequences be? Will it help you in the end or hurt you? How do you get over it all?

I thought I would come up with some sort of answer on this subject, but I guess all I came up with are more questions. 

Guess I’ll post more on this later…


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