As I write this, I’ve got a cold, black nose poking me in the side. There’s a paw resting on my leg, and out of the corner of my eye I can see a bone that doesn’t stand a chance against Landon’s prodding tongue and teeth. He looks happy and content. This makes me so happy. Which a fleeting feeling these days. It seems to me that the happy, pleasant feeling don’t want to stay around. There seems to be always something that send me crashing back to earth. And the something is never a trivial thing. My mom had to call an ambulance for Nonno again last night. He’s been admitted again to hospital. He should have never been released in my opinion. He’s too weak and apparently still has an pneumonia. That’s all that I know right now.

Really trying hard to stay in the moment. Trying hard to stay positive. Trying hard at just trying hard. Seems like a never-ending cycle. But it’s one that I am not willing to give up just yet. 

Positive. Just think positive…

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