Just been thinking about things lately. Life has a funny way of offering you opportunities. It also has a way of not letting things happen that you want to happen. Sometimes there’s just a delay and you do get what you want, but other times something else better happens. Kinda of like the waiting game for a job. I’ve applied for a few jobs and am playing the waiting game. Either job would be great to have but one would mean a lot to me. It’s with the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society  and it’s a place the does such great work. It’s a cause that is very close to my heart and to be able to work there and see the good daily would be amazing. I’m doing the Light the Night Walk again, and even though the job wouldn’t be with Light the Night, I’d still be involved for the cause.

Here’s the link for my fundraising page:

Baby Bean and Friends Fundraising Page 

Feel free to pass it along! Donate and sign up to walk with us! 

The other job is with Alberta Health Services at the Edmonton General hospital. It’s for a position called Advisor and it’s a communications position with an emphasis on writing. It sounds promising, but I know that it’s a definite wait and see. 

I want to keep looking as well because you never know what is out there and what I might find. I also plan on looking for some freelance work as that has certain freedoms that an “office” job doesn’t.There are pros and cons to both, so I’ll have to see what’s out there.

Freedom and stability don’t always go hand in hand, yet those are two things that I crave the most. The freedom to live as I please, doing the things that I have a passion for, things that make me happy and yet, having a stable income and a place to call my own and the means to keep it. Stability financially would definitely help with the freedom that I seek. So my goal is to go for what I want and for what my soul craves. 

Speaking of passion, there are a lot of Tribal dance-y goodness coming up. I’m super excited for those. First there is a student hafla on March 31. Then there is the Bedouin Beats show, Raq Trek, on April 1st. This show is going to be a trip! I love our student shows. Raq Trek: The Next Undulation is where you can find details on this event. Then on April 14th and 15th there is the FatChance BellyDance workshops and show with Sandi Ball. I am STOKED for these. It’s going to be such great learning experience. To learn from someone who is in the founding group of the dance style I am in, is a huge opportunity, and my troupe and I are also doing private lessons, so that is just the new tattoo on the tribal dancer. Epic!If there was ever a show to go see in Edmonton, I’d say this one would be it. Details here: Gala Show featuring Sandi Ball, get your tickets ASAP. They will go fast and you don’t want to miss it! I know I won’t. Even if my head is on fire, I will be there!!  Then comes May. The month of Tribal Fest 2012. I am so excited for this. I’m sure I’ll be broke afterwards but it will be worth it. It’s one of the biggest Tribal belly dance festivals that there is. I’ve signed up for as many ATS workshops as I could afford and am also going to be writing a review of the festival, so that’s going to be great. I get to combine two of my biggest loves. Writing and dance. Can’t ask for much more than that! 

Then there are two more possible dance workshops. One in August with Kristine Adams of FatChance BellyDance and one in September with Carolena Nericcio, the creator of ATS and FCBD. I hope these pan out for me. This year is looking way up for dance! I’m excited and ready to learn and absorb all that I can!

So freedom and stability are what I strive for to make all this great stuff a reality. Send me your good vibes and positivity and I will make it happen!

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