Animal abuse makes me ill. Literally. I get queasy from reading stories of what people do to innocent animals. I look at my beautiful, loving, sweet puppy and can’t imagine harming a fur on his head. Even when he’s driving me bat-shit crazy by chewing on EVERYTHING!!

Kicking, punching, hitting, beating and whatever other horrors that these sadistic, sick bastards inflict on their “pets” is beyond my comprehension.if you can do that to an animal, what are you capable of doing to a human?!

My Landon came from a rescue, WHARF (Whitecourt Animal Rescue Foundation), and they weren’t really sure of his past because he and his brother, were abandoned at the pound and brought to WHARF. I have no idea what he went through prior to that. What I do know is that he is TERRIFIED of men, jumps at all sounds, and cowers if I am even just making a gesture with my hands while
talking. I can’t imagine laying a finger on him out of anger or whatever. And if I saw anyone even try to lay a hand on him, they would be sorry. If anyone hurt him on purpose, I’d be in jail because I’d go ape-shit on them. Not a threat. A simple fact.

Animal abuse HAS got to stop. Doesn’t matter the breed of the dog or what kind of animal it is. There is no justification for it. NONE!!


  1. The sad things is that you will see that animal abuse, child abuse,spousal and elder abuse go hand in hand. In a household where there is animal abuse – you will usually find other types of abuse/cruelty. I have dogs myself, I cannot imagine hurting them. I agree, animal abuse does have to STOP!!I also hope that we stop people from hurting everything that is innocent (animals, children, partners and the elderly).This has got to stop NOW!!Marcy


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