There are times when I don’t even know where to begin. Like right now. I spent earlier today in tears. Nothing happened to me that warranted tears, I just felt an overwhelming feeling of pressure and stress take over me and I just couldn’t control it. My poor puppy got the brunt end of it. I tried taking him for a walk but just didn’t have the patience in me that’s needed when doing so. He may be a big boy, but he is still a puppy and he is still learning. Normally, he does really well on our walks, even if he hasn’t quite mastered the “no pulling” command yet. If it were any other day, I could handle it. I could spend hours walking and playing with Landon. Today, however, I just couldn’t. So I cut our walk short and we went home. I let Landon run around in the back yard to burn off his energy as I let the tears roll. I should have written in that moment as I felt a burning desire to get my feelings out. Instead I sat on the couch and read for a bit then took a nap.

I’m feeling better now, but not quite 100 percent. Still not quite like myself. Guess this is just life’s roller coaster. I’m not at a really low point, but I’m not in a high place either. Tomorrow is another day and hopefully it brings more joy. For now, all I can do is just breathe…

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