The new year is always when people make resolutions and plan on making this year “the best one yet!” I’m not a fan of making resolutions, so I don’t put much credence into the whole new-year-new-you or whatever thing. But, last year was a really tough one. Tough emotionally, physically, spiritually. This year, I want more. More laughter. More health and wellness. More serenity. I want balance. I want to have fun. I want to enjoy more, worry less, and stress never. I know that last one might be impossible but I think it’s worth striving for. 

I applied for a job today. I really hope I get it. Or at least a chance at it. It’s at the Humane Society and it’s for a Social Media Writer and Web Support position. I think it would be an awesome opportunity for me. I’d be putting my hard earned degree to good use, and it would be at a place where I believe in what they stand for. So keep your fingers and toes crossed, and I’ll keep you updated! 

Dance class starts again tomorrow! This excites me more than I can even convey. Expression of the soul and food for the heart. Contentedness at the core. My troupe also added a new member and she starts troupe practice later this week. We ATS ladies are taking ova! Me and another have our birthdays five days apart this month, so we are having a joint birthday party. That shall prove to be fun and shenanigans shall abound. I CAN’T WAIT!! 

Landon Mc Poopy Pants is doing well. He’s such a loving, sweet dog. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I am truly blessed to have him in my life. He makes me so happy and so filled with love. Unconditional, unwavering love. I believe it’s a mutual feeling. ❤

I’m feeling really content at the moment. I’m embracing it. I want more of it.

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