I’m sitting here trying to figure out how to put what I feel into words. I went to the doctor’s yesterday and was finally diagnosed with PCOS. Poly-cystic Ovarian Syndrome. Sounds strange to say finally, but it’s something that I’ve suspected I’ve had for years. Being officially diagnosed is a relief. Now I know that what I have been going through isn’t just in my head. All the pain and suffering finally has a name that I can attach to it and now I can move forward with treatment options. 

Funny enough, being overweight is a symptom of this disorder and losing weight is supposed to help. What’s funny about that is, PCOS makes it that much more difficult for sufferers to lose weight. It’s a catch 22. In order to help relieve symptoms, you need to lose weight, but because of the disorder, weight loss is that much more difficult. Now, I am not a fitness expert or even a fitness junkie, bit I am also no slouch. I try to eat as healthy as possible, I am active, and I also try to limit stress as much as I can. But now, it seems that I need to kick everything up a notch. I am definitely willing to do whatever it takes to control this thing, but it’s frustrating because I’ve already been working hard to lose weight, yet results are excruciatingly SLOW. 

But a girl’s gotta do what I gotta do. The scariest part is that I am also at an increased risk for diabetes because of this. Add to that the fact that I am already at risk because diabetes runs on both sides of my family and I feel pretty much hooped. I’m going for the test tomorrow, so the results should be in sometime next week. A positive result for that is way more scary than the PCOS. That I am prepared for. My mom went through it, so she is a major support for me. I know diabetes is manageable, but it’s a lifelong disease with many complications. I’ve seen those in action. Not cool, very scary. So here’s to hoping that it’s just PCOS! Ha! 

Anyways. Enough of this. I’ve got other things to write about. There’ll be more on this later!

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