The sound of Landon chewing on his bone plus the TV in the background on low accompany the sound of clicking keys. Everyone in the house except me have gone to bed. I am trying to get some writing done, but to no avail. Still on the write-delete-write-delete portion of this assignment and it’s due in a week. Fuck! I need to get this thing on the go. If I’m struggling with this 3000 word chapter, how the hell am I going to pull off 6000+ words?! Jebus! I need to get my tushy in some major gear. Got a cup of coffee on the go, so hopefully this little post will get my creativity flowing. Something has to. I am at the point where I almost don’t care about what words go into what I am writing, I just want to hit the word count. That’s pathetic because I should have quality over quantity, yet I have neither. Sigh…

Trying to find some inspiration. Nothing has slapped me in the face yet. I’m trying to write, just to write like I was told to do, but that doesn’t seem to be working at this point either. 

Write your first draft with your heart. Re-write with your head. ~ From the movie Finding Forrester

I came across this quote…Now I need to follow its advise. Easier said then done. But I’m gonna try. Wish me luck.  

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