So tired. This past month has been in fast-forward. There was so much going on and so much to accomplish. The Light the Night walk was last night and it went really well. Over $145,000 was raised! There were many, many bumps in the road, but things all worked out really well! Now, it’s down time and time to think about what to do better next year!

Now, I feel the exhaustion sink in. I have just over two weeks to work on my DWL project. But I think that it will go okay. I managed to get a pretty good grade, so now it’s just time to set my sights higher and do even better! And I know I will. Writing is such a process and such a personal journey. Sometimes, just gearing up for it is a process in itself. But it’s one that I must take. It’s just naturally in me. A portrait of self-expression if you will. For me writing is like a snapshot in time. Whether I am writing a poem, an essay, a story, whatever, writing expresses where I was in that moment in time. How I thought, what I was feeling, what was going on in my life. It’s kinda of nice to have things like photos and writing to go back in time with. They capture a part of you that might not be seen or remembered otherwise. 

HA! That “junk spewed from my head thing”? Yeah, that’s happening right now. Just felt a rush to put my fingers to the keys and not really sensor what comes out. That when the best and the worst comes out of us. 
When we don’t think. At least when we don’t think consciously. Sometimes what’s going on under the surface is what we really need to express. Whether it hurts us or others. We have to live our truths. They might not be what other people think is best, but we need to find that out for ourselves. 

What am I on about? I have a tendency not to let things go. I try to let go of anger, that’s usually easy. If I don’t need it in my life, it’s gone. If I don’t want it, same thing. But when I do want something, it’s all that I think about. It becomes everything. It reeks havoc on my soul. There are times when I know I should let go and there are other times where that message is muddled and doesn’t get received. That’s when things get annoying. At least I find them that way. People say just ask straight up or just do it but that doesn’t always get you an answer or what you want. Sometimes, it makes the confusion harder. 

Okay, now I am confusing myself! I need to get to bed! More later taters!

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