I finally got the writing for my third chapter done! Whew! That was a bitch to get done. I really struggled with where I was trying to go with it. But it’s all done save for the editing stages which I have enlisted in the help of fellow writer/editor friends. And I am working on returning the favour. However, my computer is NOT cooperating with me. All my programs like to shut themselves down randomly. It’s pissing me off because NOTHING is working. Makes what I have to do just take that much longer. Good thing it’s a gorgeous day outside and I can work from home outside. If I had to be cooped up I may just slap someone! Lucky for them, I’m in a good mood and hanging out in the backyard.

The only downside to this lovely day, is that my mind is taking off in flights of fancy and wonder. Daydreaming is definitely out in full force! Perfect day for writing but as for editing, well, not so much. Funny how that works! Ah well. I’ll sort it out soon enough! I’m in a lazy daisy mood. 

Super excited about the upcoming weekend. My ATS belly dance troupe, Tridevi Tribal are performing at Kaleido Family Arts Festival. We’re on for a 20 minute set and I am so looking forward to it. There will be dancers from all over the city and province and plenty from out of town too. It’s going to be super fun! We’ve been practicing like crazy and that is what my week will be filled up with in addition to my editing commitments and work obligations. Speaking of work, I really should send out some more emails regarding the Light the Night Walk. It’s in 19 days and I’ve gotta get my tushy in hyper fundraising mode!

Check this video out as well: http://youtu.be/yVfJH-3IKrE It shows you that what you can do makes a huge difference! Please share it with everyone that you can! Join my team and walk with us! Make a donation and help us rid the world of blood cancers!

Okay enough for now. More later taters!

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