Been a busy little chica these last few weeks! Somehow managed to score a temporary internship at the Leukemia and Lymphoma Soceity as their Communications intern. I’m liking it a lot. I get to Facebook and Twitter as part of the job! Can’t complain about that. I also get to learn about more of the behind the scenes things that make an organization like the LLS work. I’m actually been really excited to be a part of such a great place, even if it is for a short period of time. I finish on September 24th after the Light the Night Walk. It’s my third year being a part of it and I am glad I found such a great organization, even if my reasons behind joining aren’t the happiest. Edmonton’s goal is to raise $220,000.00 but we are nowhere even close! Something like $13,198.00. Not good enough. People really need to know that ALL the funds that are raised from the walk go back into the LLS so that they can provide funding for research and patient materials and supports. Things like researchers at the U of A hospital. Since 2009, the LLS has been able to fund 22 of them! All patient materials like the booklets about the newly diagnosed and the various types of blood cancers are NOT provided by the hospitals. They are provide by the LLS. All the money that is raised in the Prairie region, stays here. That means that it goes to all the patients affect in BC, Alberta and Saskatchewan. The funds raised are so important because they let the LLS help find a cure for blood cancers and improve the quality of life for patients and their families. I know I am probably rambling on and repeating myself here but I am just extremely passionate about this cause. Blood cancer has affected a few of my loved ones, and cancer in general has affected many more. It’s really pissing me off. Watching people go through this horrible disease and its treatment, and feeling helpless is NOT something I am a fan of. I can’t say I can speak from experience (thank God) but I HATE feeling helpless when there is so much that I can do to help. I guess my work at the LLS by being a team captain for the walk and an intern behind the scenes is fueled by the love I have for those I know personally affected by cancer and by the passion I have to wipe out this disease so that others won’t have to know it’s pain and suffering. I am urging everyone I know to please help out! Join my team, Baby Bean, and walk with us. Help us raise funds. Donate money and time. Walk for those who can’t walk for themselves. It’s so important. We’re at such a critical stage in our fundraising efforts. We need all the support and help that we can get. anything. Any little bit will get us that much closer to our goal! Please! Go to and search team Baby Bean. Become a participant in the walk and help us raise the funds we so desperately need! If you can’t walk, please donate. Just $25 helps us to provide patients with educational materials and events. Every 34 minutes someone is diagnosed with a blood cancer in Canada and every 72 minutes, one Canadian dies from blood cancer. Walk for them. Walk with us and benefit them. Let’s kick cancer’s ass so that it can’t kick ours!! Okay, okay. Now that I’ve motivated you, just DO IT!!! Now, I must get back to writing that novel that I am working on for school. Today has been one of my more inspired days for that and I am trying to keep that going while still campaigning for a cure! Contact me for more details!! Subject Light the Night

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