Jebus! Where the heck do I even begin? I am in such a different head space since I last wrote.
Just returned from a 26 day holiday in Europe a few weeks ago and did I ever need it! My soul needed recharging. I have no idea what I was babbling on about. That happens a lot to me. Both the babbling and the need to be recharged. Sometimes I just get so caught in the people and things around me that I forget what it is that I need.

My trip was amazing. The people I met, the things I saw, the food I ate. Just fantastic! There was so much to see and do. A whirlwind of activity. Lots of long days traveling on a bus, but the end was worth the means, as they say. I miss my Contiki family! But it is good to be home, and that always means that another trip is being worked out in the back of my mind. Mainly the one to Mexico in February for the lovely Anna’s wedding. Then there is TribalFest 12 in the spring. It’s gonna be a good year next year. It has to be, as this one will tough to compete with.

What else can I say? Have started working on my novel again. Trying to get into a normal writing habit and groove. This is something that I always struggle with and probably always will. However, that being said, I am really trying to carve more time out for it and for making a schedule and sticking with it. Makes things that much easier. I just have to quit being so stubborn!

I’ve also began another chapter in the quest for better health and well-being. I’ve been doing the Body by Vi Challenge since March and it has been great! While my weight loss is slower than some, I am okay with this. I am more excited about the fact that I have only had one IBS flare-up since starting. That is a huge deal for me, as sometimes it would happen twice a week or more. Now, it’s so much better. I feel healthier and have more energy. I’ve also signed up for an online training program on that is twelve weeks long. It’s a free program and will work well in conjunction with Body by Vi. Both are twelve week programs that can be continuously followed for longer periods of time. I figure that I’d re-start the Vi Challenge and get the ball rolling on the working out. It’s great because I can do the workouts at home which is good for me as I don’t have room in my budget for a gym membership just yet. I have the equipment that I need so I am good to go! Progress updates will be posted here!

Have belly dance practice tonight, so I best be going! More later taters!

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