*The following is a poem I am working on for my poetry class. Feedback is very much wanted and welcomed!!*
Calm and steady in her beauty.
Ethereally, she floats along the surface of the water.
Her hair surrounds her, floats about her face. It’s spun like copper, gleaming with gold. Green eyes gleam, emerald-like with a touch of hazel framed with dark lashes. The creamy porcelain skin slopes down her body. Chiselled cheekbones to sinuous naked breasts; the curve of her full hips blends down into gleam of a vibrant rainbow of reds, blues, greens, and purples that make up the gleaming jewelled, soft skin of her mermaid’s tale.
She is a goddess of the sea.
Enveloped in the ocean that surrounds her, calm and serene, she is submerged in the quietness of the warm, salty waters of the ocean.
The water washes over her and her thoughts are stilled and carried away by the waves lazily lapping on the surface of the sea.
Swimming and playing, she breaks the water’s surface. Looking at herself, she reflects at what she sees in the mirror of the sea. She gazes at her beauty and is startled by what she sees. Not only on the outside, but by how her inner beauty shines through every pore. And she realizes then, how good it feels to be free.
How good it feels to be

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