The writing life. Of mine. Embracing the daily writing challenge. Looking at it with fresh eyes today. Feels good to be back at it, and wanting to be back at it. Creativity comes and goes, and when it goes, it vacations way too far from my brain. Today I have just been working on editing a poem for my poetry portfolio for my class. I am not fond of editing anything, specifically my own work, but it needs to be done. I’m creating a poem from a story that I wrote for a short fiction class that I took a few years ago. Trying to revamp it. So I guess I’ve been rewriting more than editing. God, this sounds so boring! I had romantic notions when I was younger of what a writer’s life would be like. Everyone reads the completed works and assumes that it all comes out in one session of creative diarrhea or a few sessions for longer works. Lord knows that is the farthest thing from the truth. First drafts are hardly ever seen by anyone besides the writer and perhaps one or two other people. 

We continuously polish our prose, re-write sentences, delete things, add things (in my case, throw things when extremely frustrated) and do many other things to our work. Sometimes things aren’t even written in the order in which the final product is seen. It can be quite the process. Sure anyone can be a writer. But, a good or even a great writer knows that it’s the rewriting, revision, and reworking of the piece that is what makes it special. And that’s what the reader gets the privilege of reading. I’m trying to create that in my own work. 
To do that, sometimes I have to take a break from the creative process and just write to get things out of my head. Things that cloud my thoughts and leave me stuck. Writer’s block is best blasted through but just writing. Even really shitty writing can help that. I am FINALLY starting to learn that. Took me long enough!

Anyways. I need a coffee refill. Later gaters!

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