Had a HORRIBLE nightmare last week. It was so creepy that I had to write it down. Got me thinking it could be a great idea for a book. Sounds familiar? I promise, I am not going to write about vampires a la Stephanie Myer. Mine is NOT a love story and it creeped the fuck (for lack of a better word) outta me. I still can’t stop thinking about it. Not going to go into details here yet, but as things develop, I promise I’ll keep things updated here. I am SLOWLY working on a writing schedule and it is coming together. I need the structure. Going into a Directed Workplace Learning (DWL) for school in May and I chose the creative route, so a writing schedule is definitely going to be the key to my success. 

I am heading to BC for reading week. My grandfather out there has Alzheimer’s and isn’t doing so well. I want to see him before anything happens to him. I’m scared about seeing him. He most likely won’t remember who I am, and I know that that’s a part of his disease, but it’s different to see when it hits right at home. He’s also lost about 50LBS according to my dad because of some other health issues, so he’s definitely going to look different. It will be great to see him and the rest of my family out there, but I know this trip will be a bit stressful. I’m staying positive though. At least I’ll get to see him. 

I’m hungry. Better fuel up for the rest of the writing I am going to do today. Perhaps I’ll post some of it later…

Stay tuned! 😛

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