The touch of your skin
I feel beneath my fingers still.
The softness of your hair
I feel tickling my face.
Your eyes
so mysterious and clear.
Looking deep into my soul.

I am nervous still
after all this time.
Your face
it haunts me.
I can see you.
Your in my dreams.

I can feel you lying next to me.
So peaceful in rest.
So passionate in life.
You possess my thoughts.
I, don’t, make an appearance
in yours.
How I wish I did.

The never-ending question of
What if I were to be with you
One more time?
Would the feelings be there?
For either, or neither.

Your kisses were soft at first.
Then searching and intense.
Your hands, a comfort.
Strong, yet vulnerable.
Forceful but soft.
Your touch lingers.

I need to forget.
My mind says so
But my heart wants to remember

Always remembering.
Always waiting.
Forever unsure.

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