Oi, it’s been a while hasn’t it?
I finished my spring course and haven’t done any writing until now. Crazy hey? Makes me wonder what kind of writer I am going to be? Lol. It’s all good. I’ve been busy working and trying to put together a team for the Light the Night Walk in September. It’s kind of a bumpy road this year. I’ve set my goals really high and am struggling to meet them. People just haven’t been as responsive as they were last year. And last year I had less time to meet my goal. Which I did and I surpassed it. Wonder if it’s better to do things closer to the actual date of the walk instead of giving people more time. Funny how that can work. I guess I’ll just have to see what happens and keep what works in mind for next year.

I have however been able to do more reading than in previous summers. I like that. I miss being able to get out of my world and go into someone elses’. I guess that’s why I like to read so much. Even though my world is usually a pretty good place to be, sometimes you just need a break from it. Even if just for a few hours. It also helps me to become better at my writing. Exposing myself to various other writers shows me new ways to develop my work. As a child I loved reading so much. I devoured books. They were my best friends at times. A book never judges you. It’s always there for you when you need to escape. Sounds kind of lame, but at the same time, it holds true. I think I spent more time with my books than actual people. Okay, not really but sometimes it felt that way!

Anyways. Onto planning and recruiting people to my team for Light the Night! Wish me luck!

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