This body is tired.
Exhaustion set in long ago
and refuses to leave.
The girl wonders why?
Why is she so tired?
What brought this on?

She feels like a shell of her former self.
Once so lively and active.
Now all she wants to do it sleep.
She’s not depressed.
Just tired.
Her interest in things isn’t gone.
Just her strength to do them.
The girl wonders why?
What brought this on?

The doctors say they can’t find anything.
All tests comeback normal.
She doesn’t feel normal.
It’s her body.
She knows it best.
It’s tired.
She’s tired.
The girl wonders why?

She doesn’t want anything to be wrong.
That’s not what this is about.
She just wants to fix what she knows isn’t right.
The girl continues to wonder…

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