Long time, no write. In my defence no one reads this anyways. And, after writing a 30 page manual, my brain hurts. Seriously. I think I felt it kick in protest because it wants a break. No rest for the weary. And weary, am I! It is that time of year, March is always hard. I think that I have said this already. Repetition is my name, stress is the game. Although I don’t feel overly stressed. Thank you, yoga! Really. It so helps me out. If you’ve not tried Moksha, DO IT! You’ll be glad you did.

What else can I say? I need to start working on the Light the Night Walk fundraiser so if any of you lovelies have any suggestions, feel free to shoot them my way. We need to eradicate blood cancer and all other types. Too many people suffer, not to mention those that lose their battle. So come on peeps. Support my cause. Walk with me. Donate. Do both. Just do something. Even if you are not directly supporting me, any other cancer foundation support is greatly appreciated.

Ummm….yeah. I just needed to empty my head. (Shush, no comments on it being empty already are allowed!!!)


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