School’s hitting hard now. Maybe it’s just me but things always seem to be so much more stressful in March. I love the whole learning process and even doing the work can be…gulp…okay but somehow in March I just want to quit. Every March it’s like this. BAH! I can push through it and I always do, but it is such a struggle. BOO to struggling. I know, I know. I am whining! But…too bad. Quit reading if you don’t like it! I am in a whiny, tired mood. I have one feeling and right now it’s irritated. Wine helps. The red variety. Which is probably why I’ll be starting another glass of it shortly…

Dum de do. On on a positive note, I am still super excited about the Light the Night Walk. Have had some great fundraising ideas pop up…which I will post more of when they are finalized. I finally feel like I am a part of something good.

I am so tired I can barely type. It’s bedtime. More later.

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