Guess it’s been a bit since I last posted here. What is new? Well the new school semester is under way and going well so far. Pretty much jumped right back into the swing of things. That is a good thing.
I had my colonoscopy on Friday and that went well. I have IBS, so it’s nothing serious but it sure isn’t fun! I also have to for an abdomen ultrasound just to make sure that there was nothing missed. That’s in a few weeks, so if all is well there, than I am in the clear! Wish me luck on that!
What else? My birthday is in a few days…Eep! Don’t have any huge plans, but it’s still early! Any ideas?
I should be working on school work right now, but I am suffering from writer’s block in that department, so I thought I’d get something going and perhaps it would trigger something. Usually works, but sometimes it takes awhile. BORING! I know. But I need to get this stuff outta my head so that I can concentrate.
Ummm…yeah. Guess that is it for today. Hopefully I can be more interesting later. Adios!

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