Serendipity. This word has been re-introduced to me as of late. Good luck, fortune, the randomness of fate. All these can be said to be the definition of serendipity. I have always been a believer of things happening for a reason. Sometimes, we have a hand in nudging fate along, other times it is completely out of our hands. Lately I have been noticing that when you truly believe in something – with your mind, body, and soul – it comes true for you. The law of attraction and the Secret have been buzz words going around a lot lately. Slowly each day, I believe in their power more and more. When I’ve shifted my thinking to good things, good things happen. What does this have to do with serendipity? Well, I have noticed some events going on for me personally lately. I am not wanting to say what they are right now because I am focused on keeping my positivity focused towards them happening for me. I know that they will. The randomness of fate has touched me before and it’s presenting itself to me again. I know where I want the journey to bring me in this case, I just need to keep the faith that it will happen. Things are meant to be. It’s just the waiting that is hard. Live in the now. That is what I have to do…

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